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CBS 60 Minutes

By |2015-11-08|Videos|

Iris ID at ISC West 2015

By |2015-05-11|Videos|

Security Systems using iCAM7000

By |2014-09-02|Videos|

iCAM7000 in action

By |2014-09-02|Videos|

iCAM7000 for authentication in a secure environment

By |2014-09-02|Videos|

iCAM D1000 at Biometric Consortium Conference, 2013

By |2013-10-11|Videos|

RightPatient™ Biometric Patient Safety System

By |2013-10-11|Videos|

Behind the cloud: A tour of Google’s secretive data faiclities

By |2013-07-22|Videos|

Iris ID at the 2011 Biometrics Consortium Conference

By |2011-10-17|Videos|

Iris ID Provides Security and Data Protection for Google Data Centers

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