Gemalto teams up with LG

by Global Identification

logo_gemalto2Gemalto, a leader in digital security, announces its collaboration with LG in order to deliver smart card web server compatible handsets.


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Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Business Development and Sales, LG Electronics Inc. Iris Technology Division

by FindBiometrics

This was the first deployment where a government authority looked at the biometric technology and involved it in a social program which was for the benefit of the people. The program you

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A new staff security system entered service at 29 Canadian airports on January 31, 2007

by Carroll McCormick (Airports International, Volume 40 No 2, March 2007)

As of January 31, 2007, a powerful new security system called Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC) became fully operational at 29 Canadian airports. Biometric security

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Experts eye up iris recognition

by Clement James,

Iris recognition is destined to become most used and researched biometric technology, according to industry experts.

US-based technology strategy and research consultancy, Acuity Market Intelligence, will make the upbeat prediction in

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New Biometric Security Card in Force

by Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

OTTAWA, February 6, 2007 ? The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is pleased to announce that the world’s first dual biometric airport identification program is operational at

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Now, Iris Tech To Profile Baddies


VIJAYAWADA: After successfully being used as a vital identification tool in the issuance of ration cards and voter ID cards, the Iris technology is all set to

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Central Information Management System for the Registered Traveler Program

by Colleen Chamberlain, Director of Transportation Security Policy, American Association of Airport Executives

RTlogoTransportation Security Clearinghouse Announces Launch of World’s Most Advanced Interoperable Information

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Get ready for the hotel of the future

by Dave Ellis,

iris_scan_zoomFrom self check-in to iPod docks to rooms that literally take your temperature, your next hotel stay could be light

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Eye Scan Technology Comes to Schools

by ABC News

A New Jersey School District Is Piloting the System

Parents who want to pick up their kids at school in one New Jersey district now can submit to iris scans, as the

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Your iris is the key


Had it up to here with those flaky plastic keys? Maybe you should try using an eye to open your hotel room door instead of those expired old keys.

Back in July, right

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