Iris ID Provides Security and Data Protection in a Google Data Center

Iris ID Provides Security and Data Protection in a Google Data Center

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Iris ID Systems – Mohammed Murad, Vice President Global Business Development and Sales – Interview

by FindBiometrics

Would you please update our readers on the latest product developments at Iris ID?

[Iris ID]
Peter, as you’re aware, we have been engaged in bringing new technologies to the market in the iris-based

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Smart Card and Biometrics

by Smart Card Alliance

Publication Date: March 2011

* Click here to download the white paper. (637KB, PDF)

Biometric technologies are defined as automated methods of identifying or verifying the identity of a living

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Iris recognition systems for access control and identity management gain popularity


The eyes have it. The use of iris recognition technology is expanding around the globe and it is being utilised in a vast array of commercial and government applications ranging from access

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Bangalore’s date with UID is set for January 1

by DNA Daily News and Analysis

Bangaloreans can expect to have their Unique Identity (UID) numbers in January, 2011. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) will be kickstarting the enrolment drive for issuing

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It’s All in How You Look At It: Nine Zero Hotel Updates the Room Key

by The Informed Traveler – Cal Simmons’ Guide to Luxury Travel

If you’ve picked up the latest issue of Vanity Fair, you probably noticed writer Victoria Mather’s picks for “The Best Of”– covering everything

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Biometrics sweep NSW gaols

by Computerworld Australia

The NSW Department of Corrective Services will implement mandatory iris scanning and fingerprinting across its 32 prisons to help verify visitor identities.

Biometric verification will be centralised for 14 prisons over the

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Frost & Sullivan Presents LG Electronics IRIS with the 2009 Global Iris Recognition Biometrics Market Customer Value Leadership of the Year Award

by Earth Times–sullivan-presents-lg,852141.shtml

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — June 8, 2009 — Frost & Sullivan selected LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division (LG IRIS) as the recipient of its 2009 Global Iris Recognition Biometrics Market Customer

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LG IrisAccess demonstration at Security Document World 2009, London

by Security News

Mark Stanborough of Aditech Ltd, LG Iris’ integration partner in UK demonstrating LG IrisAccess system at Security Document World 2009, London.

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CES 2009 – LG iris scanning lock

by butterscotch

Eye scanning has been laissiez faire in sci-fi movies for years. Now though, if LG has it’s way, you may soon be able to get rid of your front door keys in

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