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국내 기술 영업 담당 모집

국내 기술 영업담당   지원 자격 생체인식/출입통제/근태관리 시스템을 직접, System Integrator 혹은 유통을 통해 판매한 기술영업 경험이 5년 이상 있을 것. 대 정부 및 공공기관 프로젝트 영업 경험이 있을 것. 프레젠테이션 스킬 및 원활한 영어

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Research Engineer – Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition or Image Processing

Job Status/Type : Full time, Employee * Career Level : Just graduated or 1~2 years Experienced (Non-Manager) * Job Description : Research engineer on computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing field * The top

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Software Development Engineer (Experience: 2 to 4 years)

Software Development Engineer (Experience: 2 to 4 years) Responsibilities:  To program Windows applications / libraries with Visual C++/C# using Visual Studio. Requirements: Work experience of 2-4 years full-time as a Windows programmer C++/C# for building

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